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And how each one can help your skin and hair

Simple Ingredients with Powerful Results.

Learn more about the ingredients we put in our products and why your skin will love them

Kojic Acid

✓ Decrease the appearance of scars
✓ lighten visible sun damage
✓reduces the age spots
✓ reduces hyperpigmentation
✓ brightens the skin
✓ heals acne blemishes & scars

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid)

✓ promote collagen production
✓ minimize and correct discoloration
✓ treat and prevent acne
✓ promote blood flow to skin
✓ reduce the appearance
✓ Reduce fine lines and wrinkles ………Read more about AHA


✓ Improves uneven complexion
✓ Effective at fading scars
✓ Natural Skin Lightening Agent
✓ reduces free radicals
✓ fades skin inflammation
✓ helps to uneven skin tone and dark spots 

Vitamin C

✓ Maintain and repair damaged skin
✓ Diminish the appearance of fine lines
✓ brighten up complexion
✓ Reduce the appearance of dark spots
✓ even skin tone
✓ Prevent premature aging ………Read more about Vitamin C

Hyaluronic Acid

✓ increases skin elasticity
✓ can treat facial redness
✓Smooths skin texture
✓ Promotes Healthier, More Supple Skin
✓ Hydrates and moisturizes skin
✓ Helps heal wounds

Amba Haldi

✓ Treat Acne and pimples 
✓ banishes dark circles
✓lightens scars and marks
✓ moisturizes dry skin
✓ prevents early signs of ageing
✓ reduces the appearance of stretch marks  ………Read more about Amba Haldi


✓ Cure for pimples and acne
✓ removes scars and softens the skin
✓ save your skin from prickly heat
✓ Helps in Removing Tan
✓ Removing Acne and Blackheads
✓ Make skin whiter and brighter  ………Read more about Sandalwood

Tea Tree

✓ Balancing oily skin
✓ Fighting bacteria common with acne
✓ Calming inflammation 
✓ Soothing dry and itchy skin
✓ Treating wounds and promoting quick healing
✓ heals acne blemishes & scars 


✓ Deeply hydrates the skin
✓ helps to battle acne
✓revives dull skin and moisturizes the skin
✓ stimulates hair growth
✓ soothes a dry and itchy scalp
✓ tighten skin and makes skin appear

Dead Sea Mud

✓ exfoliates & detoxifies
✓ Removing dead skin and impurities
✓ Killing bacteria that causes breakouts
✓ Improving elasticity and appearance of aging
✓ Stimulating blood circulation and improving cellulite
✓ Preventing hair loss  ………Read more about Dead Sea Mud

Orange Peel

✓ Protect skin from free radical damage
✓ hydrates dehydrated skin
✓ brings back moisture
✓ helps in renewing worn-out cells
✓ works as a skin lightening agent
✓ removes suntan ………Read more about Orange Peel


✓ Detan and soothes the skin
✓ prevents sun damage
✓ make the shiny and smooth hair
✓ nourishes and moisturizes the skin
✓ makes soft and supple skin
✓ , helps to treat acne scars ………Read more about Rose Petals


✓ prevents dry skin
✓ slows down the aging process
✓ moisturizes the skin
✓ heals scars and blemishes
✓ cleanses the skin without irritation 
✓ reduces skin marks and scarring 


✓ Fight signs of ageing
✓ Tackles blackheads and whiteheads
✓ relieves itchy scalp
✓ avert premature greying of hair
✓ pacify irritated skin
✓ relieves itchy scalp & dandruff  ………Read more about Neem


✓ fights acne and pimples
✓ gives bright and pink complexion
✓ reduces tan and dark circle
✓ helps to anti-aging
✓ fights skin pigmentation
✓ Lightens dark lips ………Read more about Beetroot


✓ Tightening and smoothing skin
✓ Preventing bacterial growth
✓ Healing wounds and reducing scars
✓ Creating a healthy glow for hair
✓ Relives Stress, anxiety, and depression
✓ Relaxing your mind and body


✓ Soothing inflammation and irritation
✓ Deep cleansing, brightening, and toning skin
✓ Fighting bacterial and fungal infections
✓ Reducing muscle pain and alleviate headaches
✓ Preventing itchy scalps, dandruff, and hair loss
✓ Relieving anxiety and irritability


✓ fights sun damage
✓ gives natural glow
✓ reduces sunspots and pigmentation
✓ prevents acne
✓ decreased inflammation
✓ exfoliates the skin  ………Read more about Pomegranate


✓ Condition against frizz, dryness, and breakage
✓ make your hair look healthy and lustrous
✓ prevent premature greying
✓ thicken hair and add volume
✓ treat dandruff & prevent split ends
✓ stop hair loss ………Read more about Hibiscus


✓ Minimizes redness and blotchiness
✓ Minimizes pore appearance
✓ Protects against sun damage
✓ Treats hyperpigmentation
✓ Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
✓ Protects against oxidative stress

Shea Butter

✓ Regenerating skin cells for fresher, youthful skin
✓ Locking in moisture to fight dryness
✓ Deep hydration without clogging pores
✓ Replenishing skin with vitamins, fatty acids, and nutrients
✓ boost collagen production
✓ reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring


✓ prevents sun damage
✓ brightens the skin
✓ promotes hair growth 
✓ fades scars & treat wrinkles
✓ Premature skin ageing
✓ prevent hair fall & dandruff ………Read more about Mulethi

Green Tea

✓ Decrease the appearance of scars
✓ lighten visible sun damage
✓reduces the age spots
✓ reduces hyperpigmentation
✓ brightens the skin
✓ heals acne blemishes & scars


✓ Anxiety and pain relief
✓ Preventing hair loss
✓ Eczema and dry skin
✓ Reducing visible wrinkles
✓ Fighting fungal infections
✓ Calming inflammation


✓ soothes skin conditions
✓ prevents skin damage
✓ improves skin elasticity
✓ minimizes breakouts
✓ improve overall skin health
✓ prevent dry skin


✓ improves the skin barrier
✓ soothe dry skin & treat dandruff 
✓ treat acne and pigmentation
✓ delay signs of aging
✓ protect hair against damage
✓ promote hair thickness and growth

Sweet Almond

✓ moisturize your skin
✓ reduces the dark spots
✓ reduce the appearance of acne
✓ lighten your scars and marks
✓ reduce puffiness and under-eye circle
✓ soften and conditions the hair


✓ hydrates and moisturizes the skin
✓ exfoliate and brightens skin
✓ boost collagen formation
✓ reduce inflammation
✓ protect against sun damage
✓ reduce hyperpigmentation 


✓ Balancing oils and all-day hydration
✓ Deeply moisturizing dry skin
✓ Reducing inflammation
✓ Calming redness
✓ Improves wound healing
✓ Treats a number of skin conditions

Gruve 2

We care a great deal about what goes in our products and into your skin. therefore, our products are free from sulphates, parabens, mineral oil, silicone & other nasty chemicals. not just that, to make our formulations nothing less than gentle,
we (always) stay away from these known skin irritants.

We choose to use only natural ingredients that are not harsh on your skin and won't cause skin irritations common with chemical ingredients. Essential oils that are high in antimicrobial properties work as natural preservatives, while other essential oils and ingredients work as a natural sulphates to cleanse your skin and provide a natural lather.