How to choose the right sunscreen for your skin

How to choose the right sunscreen for your skin

With the summer season here, who doesn’t need protection from the harmful UV rays—a major contributor for skin cancer? Choosing the right sunscreen is quite important so that it doesn’t have an side-effects on your skin. Recently, the Society of Dermatology Skin Care Specialists (SDSS) found out that more than 88 per cent of women don’t have any idea about the selecting the right beauty products to take care of their skin. While it may sound trivial, it can have detrimental effects on your skin and hamper your beauty.

The huge number of must-dos and must-haves makes it all the more complicated to pick the right products suitable for your skin. It was believed that a 15 SPF protection can help protect your skin. However, that thought process has changed and beauticians recommend people to take the Sun Protection Factor Guide that first determines their skin types and then helps them select the appropriate SPF. In most cases, a higher SPF is needed for people with very fair or sensitive skin. Moreover, if you have a history of skin cancer, are allergy-prone or have been taking photo-sensitising medication, you need to be wary, consult a doctor and get your skin type checked.

Off to buy a new sunscreen lotion or cream from the supermarket? Check the ingredients list and see if it contains zinc oxide. The presence of the chemical could be extremely harmful for your skin. Padimate O homosalate, octyl methoxycinnamate, benzophenone, octyl salicylate, phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid and octocrylene are some of the right ingredients crucial for skin protection.

While choosing a sunscreen for your child, be careful that you choose a higher SPF as their skin is more sensitive than that of adults. According to a study by the Dermatology Department of Washington University, sunscreens with SPF 30 protection can block 97 percent of UV rays and sunscreens with 50 SPF protection blocks 98.5 percent of UV rays. A 30 SPF protection factor is suitable for adults while this factor should be slightly higher for children.

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