Top 10 Benefits Of Amba Haldi For Skin |

Top 10 Benefits Of Amba Haldi For Skin

Many people aren’t aware of the goodness and versatility of ayurveda. In Ayurveda, skin is considered a manifestation of inner health. Our skin is our largest organ and what we apply on it is absorbed to a far greater extent than most of us realise. So skincare can also be a tool to balance one’s constitution and achieve healthy and beautiful skin. Turmeric paste has been a part of Indian skin and beauty rituals since time immemorial. introducing SKINLUV SWARNA PURE AND NATURAL RANGE to help make the skin better and healthier.

Benefits of Amba Haldi As Per Skin Concern

For Acne
Amba Haldi is beneficial for treating acne. Bacteria, such as Cutibacterium acnes (formerly called Propionibacterium acnes), can contribute to the inflammatory lesions in acne.

How to use
Amba Haldi  powder helps in treating pimples by removing excess oil and destroying the bacteria due to its antimicrobial properties. Mix turmeric with some coconut oil and apply on the affected area. Let it stay for 15 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. 

For Sun tan
Using Amba Haldi can be a great way to get rid of sun tan. It is best for sun tanned skin. It helps to reduce suntan and improves complexion.

How to use-
Make a mixture of 1 teaspoon of Amba Haldi powder, 1 tablespoon tomato puree and 1 tablespoon yogurt. Apply this on tanned skin and let it dry. Later, wash with water. You will see a difference in just two-three applications. 

To improve skin tone
Amba Haldi is beneficial for improving skin tone. Regular use of Amba Haldi gives blemish free, skin brightening and  natural glowing skin.

How to use
1 teaspoon of Amba Haldi, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 teaspoon lime juice. Mix all together to make a face mask. Apply it on your skin and leave it on for 20minutes. Wash with lukewarm water to reveal bright and glowing skin.

For Anti Aging
Amba haldi plays an important role in anti aging. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It acts to keep skin supple and soft. It is one of the best remedy in anti aging home remedies. 

How to use
You can make a mask with egg white (from one egg), 1 tablespoon of Amba Haldi and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Apply it on your face and skin and then wash off. Amba Haldi is a great antioxidant and it helps in repairing the damage to the skin's epidermis.

 Soothes dry skin
People having dry skin faces skin irritation and itching. Amba Haldi helps to smoothen skin and reduce itchiness.

How to use
half a teaspoon of Amba Haldi, 1 tablespoon of fresh cream and few drops of rose water. This face masks helps in naturally moisturizing your skin and makes it soft. 

 As a Exfoliator
Amba Haldi acts as a great exfoliater. It helps in removing blackheads and dead skin cells.

How to use
Just apply a smooth paste of Amba Haldi and milk and scrub gently. You can do this at least twice a week to keep your skin clean and smooth. 

For dark circles
Amba Haldi powder is an effective cure for dark circles. This is one of the best dark circle home remedy.

How to use
Mix Amba Haldi, honey and yogurt in equal quantities to make a paste and apply it gently under your eyes. Leave it on for 15- 20 minutes and then wash off. Repeat this for a few days and you'll notice a change.

For Scars
Acne and acne scars can loose your confidence. Amba Haldi helps to remove acne scars and gives even skin tone

How to use
Mix a bit of Amba Haldi powder with lukewarm water. Apply this mixture for 30 minutes and rinse it off. Amba Haldi has great anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting scars and visible marks on the face.

For moisturization
Moisturizing your skin is important for maintaining its health. 

How to use
Mix two pinches of Amba Haldi with raw honey and apply it on your face once, daily. This will help you immensely if you are suffering from dry skin.

For Freshness
Most important, we need to freshen up our skin to revive its glow and health. 

How to use
Make a paste of tulsi leaves, neem leaves, Amba Haldi powder and sandalwood powder with rose water. A mixture of these medicinal ingredients will give you the much-needed glow before any big event.

Benefits Of Amba Haldi As Per Skin Type

For Dry Skin

Take 2 teaspoon gram flour, 1 teaspoon sandalwood powder, 1 teaspoon cream (malai) and pinch of Amba Haldi powder. If your skin is very dry then add few drops of almond oil/olive oil. Make a smooth paste and apply it all over face and neck. Leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it with warm water. This pack helps to remove dead skin cells and gives smooth supple skin. Malai helps to moisturize skin and Amba Haldi helps to brighten skin.

For Oily Skin

Take 2 teaspoon multani mitti, 1 teaspoon yogurt, ½ teaspoon aloe vera gel and pinch of Amba Haldi powder in a bowl. Make smooth paste and apply it on face and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash with cold water multani mitti helps to control melanin production and oil. Yogurt, Amba Haldi helps to maintain moisture and brightens skin.(You can add more yogurt as per need)

For Normal Skin

Take 2 teaspoon gram flour, ¼ teaspoon Amba Haldi and raw milk to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on face and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it with normal water. This pack helps to clean clogged pores, impurities, dead skin cells and gives clear smooth, supple skin.

For Acne Prone Skin

Mix 2 teaspoon multani mitti, 1 teaspoon yogurt, pinch of Amba Haldi in bowl and make smooth paste with rose water. Apply this pack on face and neck and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it with cold water. This pack helps to cure acne, dark spots and brighten the skin.

Skinluv Swarna Amba Haldi Powder is made with properly cleaned and processed with traditional methods to maintain natural color, fragrance and effectiveness. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, artificial colors, fragrance or added preservatives. It is pure, organic Amba Haldi powder which gives natural glow to your skin.

Precaution: Do a patch test before applying any product on your face.