SKINLUV Hair Fall Control Herbal Tea 75gm -
SKINLUV Hair Fall Control Herbal Tea 75gm -
SKINLUV Hair Fall Control Herbal Tea 75gm -
SKINLUV Hair Fall Control Herbal Tea 75gm -
SKINLUV Hair Fall Control Herbal Tea 75gm -
SKINLUV Hair Fall Control Herbal Tea 75gm -
SKINLUV Hair Fall Control Herbal Tea 75gm -
SKINLUV Hair Fall Control Herbal Tea 75gm -

SKINLUV Hair Fall Control Herbal Tea, 100% Whole Leaf Tea Blend 75gm

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SKINLUV Hair Fall Control Herbal Tea consists of pure Green Tea, Lavender, Sage, Jasmine, Rosemary, Ginger & Peppermint. It has been found to be very useful for the hair. Hair Fall Control Herbal Tea has all the properties that nourishes hair follicles, promotes hair growth, prevents greying of hair and reduces hair fall .It assists with hair growth, hair repair and hair strength. Hair Fall Control Herbal Tea helps nourish your hair from age effects and environmental damages. It works towards bringing a shine to your hair and reduce dandruff, dry scalp and hair thinning. It is full of sweetness and warmth offering health with each sip.

Product Information

Net Quantity  75gm
Marketed By  PK Pharmaceuticals
Manufactured By   Sunmoon Organics 146 MG Road, Siliguri 734005 Darjeeling, West Bengal
Expiry Date  May 2025
Country Of Origin  India 


Get "Healthy hair from within" with our delicious, aromatic blend of premium Darjeeling Green leaves, Lavender, Sage, Jasmine, Rosemary, Ginger, Peppermint. This herbal tea promotes hair growth & control follicle shrinking and hair fall. With the unique blend of essential vitamins & antioxidants, this helps address various deficiencies that have been known to cause hair loss in men and women of all ages. It helps reducing dandruff, dry scalp, itching and hair thinning.


Green Tea- Green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help your hair grow back. It fights and keeps bacterial or fungus parasites out of reach. It helps in reducing dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for hair loss. Green tea is a powerhouse of nutrients, including vitamin B that plays a major role in controlling hair fall.

Lavender- Apart from its cooling and calming benefits, lavender tea is also known for reducing all sorts of skin infections. It treats hair loss and reduces dandruff as well. Lavender has the ability to soothe your scalp, fight infections, and even aid in preventing hair loss.

Sage- it contains high amounts of beta-sitosterol, a 5-alpha reductase compound that is effective for hair loss. It adds healthy glow to the hair, making it appear shiny. Sage not only helps prevent hair loss, but it also rejuvenates and strengthens the hair follicles.

Jasmine- it can ensure long, lustrous and thick hair. It fights off scalp infections, while keeping it moisturized. This prevents hair fall and dandruff. If you want to deep-condition your hair while maintaining its natural color, this tea is perfect for the job.

Rosemary- Rosemary has long been touted as a natural remedy for premature hair loss conditions such as alopecia. Drinking rosemary through herbal tea may offer some of the same benefits. Rosemary tea helps to increase blood circulation, which stimulates hair follicles and increase hair growth. The increased circulation also delivers vital nutrients to hair follicles that help to build stronger strands.

Ginger- It is one of the best natural herbs that provide strength to hair follicles and improves hair loss problems. Ginger is a rich source of nutrients such as vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and fatty acids which are essential for the prevention of hair loss.

Peppermint- It fights bacterial infections and fungi that may develop on the scalp which is basically what dandruff is. It makes your scalp feel amazing. Its menthol properties will invigorate your hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

Benefits Of Skinluv Hair Fall Control Tea

Reduces Dandruff

Herbal tea contains antioxidants that act as a natural exfoliator, removing dead skin cells and product build-up that has collected on the scalp. In turn, this reduces itchiness, dryness, and bacteria that thrive on the scalp, significantly reducing common scalp complaints such as dandruff.

Promotes Hair Growth

Herbal tea contains many essential herbs that can have great benefits for healthy hair and scalp. These combined herbs work together to repair and nourish cells, which helps to make the hair strands stronger. Using Herbal tea for hair regularly can lead to accelerated hair growth and fewer split ends.

Feeds the Follicles Nutrition

Teas are dried plants that contain several key vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that help to grow hair. You may think that consuming fresh herbs is best, but herbs are usually much more potent in their shrunken, dried state. 

Purifies the Blood

As you probably know, toxins can seriously impair your bodily function and make it difficult to grow hair. Skinluv herbal tea work to help the liver, skin, and kidneys eliminate toxins from your body so your cells can perform better.

Strengthens Hair

Herbal tea doesn’t only increase hair growth. It makes the hair stronger because of the rich vitamins and minerals. Drinking tea will reduce breakage and shedding by strengthening your hair from the root.

Prevent Split Ends

Herbal tea helps to soothe and nourish the hair and scalp, which prevents dryness and brittle ends. Stronger, healthier hair is less likely to split or break off. 



  • For preparing 1 cup, take 2 spoon (2.5 gram) of leaves in 1 cup (180 ml) of boiled water (at a temperature between 80 to 85 ˚C). 
  • It is suggested not to boil the leaves directly on fire.
  • Cover the cup with a lid and let it stay for around 3 minutes till a beautiful color appears.
  • In case you desire a stronger taste than steep the tea for 1 more minute. (Add honey or Jaggery as per your desire taste)
  • Once the strong color appears, strain the tea leaves and drink the cup as part of your first serving for the day.

Precaution: In case of pregnancy, lactation or concurrent medication, consult your doctor before use. Keep out of reach of children. Store in cool & dry place. Protect from direct sunlight. Keep the box or pouch directly closed. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.






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